Tell Me Something Good

While we wait for the Democrats to pry the actual Mueller report loose from William Barr’s compromised hands and share the real findings, not Barr’s slimy “nothing to see here – move along” bullshit attempt at a cover-up, I’m taking a victory lap about some good stuff going on in my life.

I’m FINALLY about to release the results of a research project I’ve been working on since May of last year. I had identified a conference that would be my top choice to introduce the project and my findings, and that worked out. I’ll be presenting them in just over two weeks at that event. Also, yesterday, I recorded a session on the findings for a virtual event taking place in May that will ensure an even wider audience.

Business has been slow this quarter (not just for me – other self-employed friends who are also in my industry report the same), but I’ve been using the downtime well (see above, also doing A+ work for current clients, reconnecting with colleagues and former clients, and getting off my ass and out to networking events, which had dropped off a lot last year because I was so busy with client work).

I’ve been able to do some fun travel this spring (Mexico and Puerto Rico, where they could really use your tourist dollars if you have any to spend), and I just booked a music-focused trip to Cuba for the fall.

Speaking of music, my birthday was last week, and Spouse and I took a short trip to Memphis. I found the live music scene disappointing, but the music history (Stax Museum, Sun Studios, Graceland)? [Chef’s kiss.] The National Civil Rights Museum is outstanding as well – we had allocated 3 1/2 hours for our visit, and it wasn’t enough.

Thanks to the generosity of The Green Man, I was able to attend a special event at the Newseum for the opening of the Rise Up exhibit commemorating the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall uprising at which I got to meet Alan Cumming and NPR’s Ari Shapiro!

I’ve been taking boxing classes since January – not a boxing class at a general gym or kickboxing, but real, tape-your-hands, wear-gloves, work-the-heavy-bag, jump-rope-until-you-worry-your-heart-might-explode boxing. I love it, and I’m actually showing improvement! My stamina is increasing – I still can’t jump rope at speed the whole time without stopping when our coach tells us to do it for a full 2:30 round, but I can jump rope at speed the whole time without stopping when our coach tells us to do it for a 1:15 half-round – as are my skills (slowly). That, combined with cutting back on my drinking (in TrumPutin’s America, it creeps up without constant vigilance) has me in better physical condition than I’ve been since I quit long-distance running 13 years ago. Feelin’ good!

My beloved dogwood tree, that was damaged by municipal sewer work several years ago and as a result may have become infested by borers, seems to have survived another winter and is even showing some new growth, so I’m hopeful it might make it after all.

My niece had a big birthday, and we survived a weekend with my TrumPutin supporting family in TrumPutin country with no major blow ups. That is harder than it looks.

My biennial mammogram was negative (as usual, but always good news). I had another suspicious mole removed this spring (another constant vigilance situation), and it was benign. The worst I’ve faced to date is basal cell, knock wood.

My ophthalmologist confirmed that I have, in fact, reached the reading glasses portion of my life and verified what strength I should be using, so I’ve now ordered cute, fun readers to replace the too-strong, boring, practical ones I’d gotten from CVS.

One of my favorite local restaurants is closing this weekend, but one of our local newspapers sounded the alarm on Twitter, so Spouse and I were able to enjoy one last dinner there last night.

I’ve had the time to do some fun reading lately, treating myself (via the local library’s super easy to use ebook borrowing system) to N. K. Jemisin’s Hugo-award winning Broken Earth trilogy and Octavia Butler’s Parable of the Sower (I currently have a hold on Parable of the Talents and I’m second in line, so I should be seeing it soon).

Spring has definitely arrived in the Mid-Atlantic. It will be up in the 70s today, so Spouse and I are planning our first dinner of the season in our garden for tonight.

So tell me: What’s good in your life right now?

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2 responses to “Tell Me Something Good

  1. Oh, no, what restaurant? I am still upset over Nora closing a few years ago. Love, love, love Butler (well, if you can love getting punched in the gut, but, you know what I mean). Good things: presented at Sacred Space conference on the Magical Battles of and for Britain and America. Got to spend time there w folks I love but seldom see. Doing a MAJOR Marie Kondo clean-out of my cottage in preparation for my move. Learning a lot that I hope to write about one day concerning saying goodbye to one Bit of Earth and hello to another. Found a great series of YouTube exercise and yoga for us old folks which is helping me to get back into shape w/o having to leave the house. Spring volunteering for local candidates and getting back into voter registration now that it’s warm enough to sit out at metro stops.

    • Congrats on what I hear was a HUGE success at Sacred Space. And “helping me to get back into shape w/o leaving the house” cracked me up. SUCH an introvert, this one 🙂

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