Springtime Pot Pourri


^The Wild Hunt has a write-up of the recent Sacred Space conference.  (Thanks for the lovely compliment!)  There’s also information on next year’s combined Sacred Space and Between the Worlds conference.  If you can, start planning now to attend.

^I’m sick and tired of politicians (Trump, Bernie Sanders) who won’t release their taxes.  First, being audited does not prevent release of taxes.  Second, I’m a nobody who never has and never will run for office and I can walk downstairs and pull from my file cabinet a copy of my tax return for any year over the past several decades.  It’s not complicated.  You do your taxes, make a copy, put it in a file folder labeled with the year, and stick it in the file drawer.  So I just don’t buy the argument that you can’t release your taxes.  You manage to release your fundraising data pretty damn fast, though, don’t you?  I believe that we need laws mandating the release of ten years, minimum, of tax returns (the full return, not a several-page summary).  Americans need to know to whom a politician is indebted, how they make their money, and where their financial priorities lie.  Want to protect that info and retain your privacy?  That’s fine, but then you don’t get to run for office.

^I haven’t been doing as much cooking lately because I’ve spending so much time getting ready for my move.  But a quick, easy Spring dish is asparagus and leeks in a frittata.  You can add mushrooms, too.  I cook mine in a cast iron skillet.  Leftovers can go in the fridge and be reheated for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.  And leeks and asparagus just say “Spring” to me.  Also, now’s a great time for those little, Spring radishes that are so wonderful on a piece of bread with some butter, salt and pepper.  What are you cooking just now?

^Please stop using the other side’s framing.  Do not call Mar a Largo the “Winter White House.”  Do not use the term “Fake News.”  Don’t quote Trump’s school-yard insults or nicknames.  Do not retweet right wing memes.  No, not even to refute these things or make fun of them.  Please go read George Lakoff’s Don’t Think of an Elephant.

^One term I used at Sacred Space that some folks hadn’t heard was the “Overton Window.”  You need to be familiar with this concept  and how the right wing uses it.

^This is brilliant.  Please read the whole post.

In yesterday’s post, Sharon Blackie suggests that one way to feel at home wherever it is you find yourself planted is to “learn the ecology, history, language, culture, mythology of your place.” Philip Marsden did exactly than when he moved into a tumbledown farmhouse in Cornwall. In his beautiful book Rising House: A Search for the Spirit of Place, he recounts his experience renovating the house, puzzles out the history of the land that it sits on, then widens his scope to the mythic and social history of Cornwall , tramping the land to better understand the rugged, wild county he loves.

I think I’m noticing a slight movement towards relationship with the land, both among writers and within the Pagan community.  (Believe me, even ten years ago, very few Pagans emphasized being in regular relationship with landbase or invoking the spirit of the land when doing magic.)  I hope it grows.

^It’s odd for me to be moving into Spring time and not starting seeds, working on my garden, getting ready to plop seedlings into the ground.  I’ll be getting my garden fix watching Gardeners’ World  on Britbox, starting tomorrow.  This Fall, I’ll be putting daffodils and snow drops into my new, smaller garden.  (Deer resistant is my new favorite plant description.)  What are you growing now or planning to grow?

^Are you a Call the Midwife  fan?  I admit to being hopelessly addicted.  This week’s show disappointed me, however.  One of the story arcs concerned a single woman who had an illegal abortion in 1960s London.  She became ill and was ultimately left unable to have children, which she had hoped to do in the future.  Rather than focusing on how making abortion safe and legal could have helped her, the show repeated the regular tropes, especially that women regret having abortions.  Most women who have abortions are glad that they could have them.

Picture found here.


2 responses to “Springtime Pot Pourri

  1. I’ve been trying to hire a very qualified old man to do a very important job for a lot less money than it should actually cost at the nonprofit farm where I’m treasurer. The snag is documentation he’s allowed to work in this country, because he can’t produce his social security card. “I haven’t seen that in 40 years,” he said.

    Never underestimate how bad people can be with paperwork. You might not want to vote for someone who is bad at paperwork at all, but sometimes it’s disorganization rather than something nefarious.

  2. I agree. Although Bernie’s had several years since the last election to pull this together. If he can’t manage his own affairs better, I don’t want him managing ours. (And Social Security will help the old man get a new card.)

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