And the Grift Goes On


When I retired, I sat down with my financial advisor and finalized the plans for my retirement.  He told me that there are only two situations when he worries that his retiring clients will wind up impoverished.  One is what he called the “ne’er do well child,” an adult offspring who constantly needs retired parents to bail him out, help him to “start over,” pay for his mistakes, buy a new car to replace the latest one he totaled, etc.  The other is televangelists.

This has been obvious for quite some time, but the modern Republican Party/Conservative Movement is mostly just a grift, designed to separate the rubes from their money.  They appear to have learned this from the Evangelical movement which, for decades and decades, has polluted the radio waves with demands that the faithful send in their money to support the minister’s lavish lifestyle.

Trump bills taxpayers for the Trump golf carts that the Secret Service must use to keep up with him when he golfs — as he does at our expense nearly every week.

NRA members pay for their bigwigs to travel around the world in private planes, dress in lavish suits, and house their mistresses, um, interns in nearby apartments.

GoFundMe operations, ostensibly set up to build Trump’s wall with private funds, wind up funding million dollar yachts for the founders and zero feet of wall.

I always imagine some old guy, sitting in his ratty lounger in a trailer somewhere, unable to pay for the medical care he needs, charging a donation to some evangelical shyster, or Trump, or the NRA, or whatever.  He’ll pay interest on that donation forever because, of course, he doesn’t really have the money.  But he’s fired up and ready to make sure that Hillary doesn’t take his guns, or because Jebuz will bless him twice over for any amount he sends, or because goddamn it we need that wall, need to make sure that we can say “Merry Christmas,” again, need to elect that godly man President Trump.  He knows this because Rev. Falwell (who was so worried about pictures with the poolboy that he “invested” tons of donation dollars in the poolboy’s “business.”) said so.

Honestly, if you have elderly (or not so elderly) relatives who are sucked into this, please look into getting them help.  This is insanity.

Picture found here.

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