Time to quit marching in those Handmaid costumes (they like those!) and start marching with the AK-47s they tell us we have a Second Amendment right to open carry.

Hat tip:  JeffCO

Picture found here.

9 responses to “Framing

  1. HD, I know how outraged and appalled you are, because I feel the same way. But this suggestion of yours could get more innocent people killed. I’ve lost count of the number of UNarmed civilians who have been killed by police, and I can’t imagine anything other than slaughter happening to armed civilians protest marching in states willing to pass this extreme legislation. As a wiccan elder, I implore you to think this over.

  2. With Alabama passing its strict anti-abortion law and Georgia, maybe some other states, close behind, my social media has been filling up with the voices of angry women. (So has the airspace over the dinner table.) I read plans for hexes involving vienna sausages and who know what.

    But they all seem to be women who came of age in the 1970s and 1980s. Is that just because I don’t hear from enough younger female voices? Should I be polling the nieces and grand-nieces? Or is there a generational shift on this issue?


    PS: None of the women in that photo looks as though she ever handled a bolt-action rifle before. I suggest stealing the banner on this blog:

  3. They’ll kill us no matter if we’re Handmaids or radicals. Better to put some fear into them before they do it, and make them realize not all of us will lie down and roll over and let them take our lives.

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