Climate Crisis

Yes, I am still totally pissed about what’s going on with women’s reproductive rights and rights to control our own bodies, and as I tweeted earlier this week: “If you were fully on board with boycotting Texas over their anti-trans bathroom bill, you can miss me with your “but we can’t boycott Georgia/Alabama/Ohio because reasons” takes right now.”


We are in the midst of a planet-wide crisis.

(Not “global warming” or “climate change.” Crisis. Framing matters, right Hecate?)

The UN reports that ONE MILLION species are at risk of extinction entirely due to human beings. (Funny, Elizabeth Kolbert published a book about this FIVE years ago. Am I the only one who read it?)

The latest issue of MIT’s Tech Review is entirely about the climate crisis. The conclusion they come to: It’s too late for mitigation. We waited too long. All that remains is adaptation and suffering, which is going to lead to a “new dark age,” a thirty year series of shocks (massively destructive hurricanes, famine, slowing of the Gulf Stream, political upheaval) that will “bring about the end of global fossil-fueled capitalist civilization. Revolution or collapse—in either case, the good life as we know it is no longer viable.” In fact, we are potentially facing the end of our species. Which, let me remind you, has happened before. “We burn some of them to drive our cars.”

That could – and probably will – lead to despair. We need to grieve what we’ve destroyed in our own carelessness, short-sightedness, and arrogance.

But we do still have power to act, and it’s incumbent on us to think carefully about what we do with that responsibility.

Individual action cannot prevent our climate crisis. In fact, nothing can at this point.

Individual action cannot significantly mitigate our climate crisis. In fact, nothing can at this point.

Individual action can help us adapt to a world with dramatically changed – and narrowed – operating boundaries. It falls to us to “save what can be saved.”

By doing what?

Well, I’ve written about this before. Twice. So I’m not going to list it all AGAIN.


Something small – plant some flowers in your yard or in a pot on your balcony that will feed your local pollinators. Tear up your lawn. Buy local, in-season produce – or grow it yourself.

Something big – if your local electrical utility offers source choice, choose 100% renewable power, even if it costs more. Or install solar panels on your roof. Or do both (since even with solar panels, you will still draw off the grid, at least sometimes).

Something bigger – dump your internal combustion engine car for an electric vehicle – or, if this is a possibility in your area, for a 100% reliance on public transportation, biking, and your feet to get around.

Something really big – run for office on a climate crisis platform, and support other candidates who do.

“We can let them kill this beautiful world— or we can get to work making space for a decent future.”

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3 responses to “Climate Crisis

  1. You want framing? Last night members of my town board declared a climate emergency.

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