Asking for a Friend


As regular readers know, our beloved Hecate is about to undergo a major move. Many regular readers have had the good fortune to meet Hecate in person over the years, but even for those who haven’t, you’ve likely gathered that she is not a person who enjoys upheaval and change, being around a lot of people (particularly strangers), or having her physical space disturbed and disrupted.

Guess what will be happening to her one week from today?

So since she’s unlikely to ask for it herself, I’m asking you, sometime over the next week, to perform the following simple spell to assist her in this major life transition.

Ground and center yourself.

Light a candle. White’s always good. Pink or light blue would be good for this working. too. Maybe light your favorite incense, too.

Call who/whatever you normally call to assist you in your workings, plus your favorite deities/spirits/symbols of home and hearth, protection, and animals. (I’ll be calling Hestia, Columbia, and Bast, but you do you.)

Visualize Hecate surrounded by a bubble/globe/sphere/aura of calm.

Visualize Nimue and Merlin curled up together, peacefully napping.

Visualize Hecate’s belongings being carefully packed, safely transported, and equally carefully unpacked and placed in her new home, with nothing lost, broken, or damaged.

Visualize her internet tech showing up and connecting her on time and without delay. 🙂

Finally, picture Hecate , early in the morning, sitting in her favorite Stickley arm chair, her things unpacked and in order around her, looking out her window at her new view of her beloved Blue Ridge mountains, coffee at hand, purring cat on her lap, settled safely in her new home and at peace.

This is our will, and as we will it for our beloved friend, so mote it be.

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6 responses to “Asking for a Friend

  1. lucinda mathews

    So mote it be! ♥️ She sounds like this Capricorn, currently texting, with Queen Boudicca Jane and Hotspur ensconced on my lap! Bright Blessings ✨

  2. So mote it be!

  3. As it is written, so is it done.
    And I sympathize. I am putting my house up for auction on the 29th. I am a book hoarder. Downsizing is difficult.

  4. May all changes be smooth and bring many blessings!

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