Shorter Days Potpourri

There’s an old quotation about how some things start out as luxuries and then become necessities.  See, e.g., the internet.  Yesterday, I managed to get my internet installed and I can’t tell you how grateful I am.  And, I’m more or less moved in (well, it’s going to take a while to shelve all the books, but most other stuff is organized — thanks to the Greenman and another friend!)  Which is to say that I hope to do a better job of blog posts.  Thanks so much to MrsWhatsit for filling the gap!

Framing matters.  Those ARE concentration camps, but they are “Trump concentration camps.”  Every single time that you refer to them, refer to them as Trump concentration camps.  We have to get better at repeating our framing.

I’m now calling my Congresswoman twice a week and saying that child abuse is a high crime and misdemeanor and asking her to come out in favor of an impeachment inquiry.  Doing the same with my Senators, except I am asking them to call for Congress to institute an impeachment inquiry and then send articles of impeachment to the Senate.  Please call yours .  It takes 5 minutes, tops.  You’ll either speak to a message machine or a staffer who just takes the message.  Call even if your representatives are Republican; they need to hear this, too.

As I settle in, I’m looking forward to learning more about the little people of Appalachia.

Native legends often talk of the tiny people playing pranks on individuals, such as singing and then hiding when an inquisitive person searches for the music. It is often said that the little people love children and would take them away from bad or abusive parents or if the child was without parents and left in the woods to fend for themselves.

Other legends say the tiny people if seen by an adult human would beg them not to say anything of their existence and would reward those who kept their word by helping them and their family out in times of need. From tribe to tribe there are variations of what the tiny people’s mannerisms were like, and whether they were good or evil may be different.

hat tip:  Byron Ballard

Have you seen the program for next year’s combined combined Sacred Space & Between the Worlds conferences?  The list of presenters looks amazing.   Hope to see you there.

As MrsWhatsit wrote last week, these are dark times.  But that’s exactly when we need to dig down deep, remember what’s important, and know that we WILL get through this.  Trump is going down, along with a host of his enablers.  Children are going to be freed and reunited with their families.  Our country is going to live up to its promise.  Don’t let the bastards get you down.

2 responses to “Shorter Days Potpourri

  1. The Green Wizard and I were so happy to help you in your beautiful new home!

  2. So glad you’ve got internet and are on your way to settling in to your new space.

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