Post-Rucho, What Now?

Image of the initial gerrymandered map for which the practice was named

Last year, in a final “fuck you” before leaving the court, Anthony Kennedy punted on Gill v. Whitford, and yesterday, TrumPutin’s stolen SCOTUS effectively killed efforts to adjudicate partisan gerrymandering by, in effect, throwing up their hands and saying, “it’s too hard for us to figure out!”

So now what?

The 2020 elections are vitally important.

Let me say that louder.


Still can’t hear me?


Look, I get that lots of Democrats were mad at Obama in 2010 for not including a public option in the Affordable Care Act. He still thought maybe the Republicans might play nice if he gave them what they said they wanted 30 seconds ago and was about two years away from realizing the truth of the situation. It was, without a doubt, a missed opportunity.

Those who sat out in the 2010 elections in protest?

From my bottom of my heart, GO FUCK YOURSELVES.

We MUST vote. Every time. Every election. Not voting, no matter what your purported reason or excuse, amounts to nothing more than a betrayal of everything you claim you care about.

Candidate’s not perfect? Too bad. This is the real world, not your leftist purity fantasy. Grow up.

Voter suppression is a real thing and getting worse. But we all know that by now. In between elections, we all – every race, every gender, every economic level – need to work with and support groups like the ACLU, Let America Vote, and Fair Fight. As we approach elections, black and brown folks who are being targeted for suppression are, as horrible as it is to have to write this, going to have to work harder to secure their right to the franchise. It’s not fair, it’s not right, and while those other groups are trying to fix things, y’all are going to have to try to play by the rigged rules. I hate it, you hate it, we all hate it, but we have a chicken-and-egg problem here, and the only way to fix it is to take control of local, state, and national legislatures, state secretary of state positions, and governorships. And the only way we do that is to win elections.

Let me say that again: Voter suppression is real, it’s bullshit, and it’s utterly unjust, but the only way we get a chance to fix it is to win in 2020.

White women have to stop making excuses for other white women who vote Republican. Some, like my single-issue pro-forced-birth evangelical family members, may be unpersuadable. But we still have to try.

We all need to stop letting white men off the hook. Yes, 44% of college-educated white women voted for TrumPutin, and 53% of white women overall voted for him. It was 63% of white men (and, interestingly, 1/3 of Latino men). (Data sourced from Wikipedia, which has extensive and really fascinating breakdowns by all sorts of demographics.) STOP GIVING WHITE MEN A PASS FROM EVEN BEING EXPECTED TO CONSIDER DOING THE RIGHT THING, Y’ALL.

[Edited to add: I was today years old when I learned that the margin of white women for TrumPutin was not what we’ve been led to believe for the past 2 1/2 years. It was 48% TrumPutin / 45% Hillary, which is still WAY TOO FUCKING MANY WHITE WOMEN VOTING FOR TRUMPUTIN, but not the 9 point margin that’s been touted since the election. Also, Hillary’s margin with college educated folks of all races was even higher than I thought. And the 7% who voted third party can seriously, from the bottom of my heart, FUCK RIGHT OFF. Thanks for the more accurate data, Pew Research Center! The more you know…]

TrumPutin’s tainted SCOTUS has officially washed their hands of the whole question of partisan gerrymandering (which opens the door to explicitly racist gerrymandering, by the way, as long as the GOP can be a little more subtle about it than they were in NC and VA). So it’s up to the voters to fix this, and our next chance is right around the corner. We will have to have MASSIVE turnout – that means all of us, that means every one, that means YOU, that means making the 2018 Blue Wave look like a tiny ripple in a teeny puddle – in order to combat the forces of the current gerrymandering and voter suppression. But if we fail, it’s only going to get worse, more blatant, more unjust, and harder to overcome.

Republicans understand this, and they show up to vote. EVERY TIME. Plenty of them held their noses and voted for TrumPutin. Because they knew what it would mean long term. Do you think anyone is truly enthusiastic about Mitch McConnell, Louie Gohmert, Kevin McCarthy? I don’t. But they vote anyway. THEY VOTE ANYWAY.

If you sit out 2020, there’s an outside chance I will show up at your front door and punch you in the face. And I’ve been taking boxing classes. You’ve been warned.

[NB: After two nights of Democratic debates, I haven’t chosen my One True Candidate yet, but I know who it’s NOT – all the interchangeable generic white dudes, St. Bernard, anyone who’s never held elected office, and Tulsi Gabbard. Everyone else is still in the running.]

Image from The Smithsonian

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4 responses to “Post-Rucho, What Now?

  1. Agree 100%. And pay attention to local elections. Virginia has elections THIS YEAR (ahead of 2020) that will determine the makeup of our state leg and, thus, the people who will be drawing lines for future elections. You can help even outside of VA by writing postcards, etc.

    • The Northern Virginia Women’s Summit is going on THIS weekend – you can follow along and learn what you can do to help flip Virginia blue in 2019 via #WomensSummit

  2. You’d best believe I’ll be voting!

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