On Shelving Books

Thanks to Greenman and Green Wizard, I’m mostly organized, but I still have a few hundred books to unpack and shelve.  It’s not an impossible task, except that every box has books that make me go, “Oh, I remember this; I need to re-read it!” or, thankfully less frequently, “I don’t remember this; maybe I should set it aside to read again.”  Sister Michael Anthony asserted her discipline, imposed when I was in first grade, and I’ve resisted the desire to set anything aside.  Into the bookshelf it goes and if I really want to read it later I can take it out of the bookshelf and read it.

But Octavia Butler and Sherri Tepper were such huge influences on my thinking.  I have to stop and rub each of their books lovingly.

What books made you who you are?

4 responses to “On Shelving Books

  1. Let’s see: many books of Fairy Tales; Enid Blyton; E. Nesbit; numerous sci-fi and fantasy and horror books and paperback anthologies; LOTR and The Hobbit; The Sword in the Stone; Wind in the Willows; War for the Oaks by Emma Bull!

  2. Definitely Wind in the Willows! It’s odd, but I find that so many magical folks loved that one.

    • The Piper at the Gates of Dawn. I think it’s the Great God Pan in that book. Makes me shiver every time.

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