Even Baby Witches Know


When I was first learning about Witchcraft, I read and was told several variations on this:

Of course, you can do a spell to find a better job.  But once you’ve done the magic, you still have to go fill in job applications.


You can, indeed, cast a glamour on yourself that will make you attractive to your perfect partner.  But once you do it, you can’t sit at home on a Saturday waiting for him or her to somehow materialize at your door.  You still have to go out and join a volunteer group, attend parties, clean yourself up and meet lots of people.

I bet you were given similar advice.

And, it’s good advice.  Do the magic and then go out and give it a chance to work.  It’s kind of like being a gardener.  You dig up the soil, add organic matter, and then plant the seed.  But don’t forget to water it.

The same is true of political magic.  Do the Magical Battle  Workings.  Join in with the group that does a monthly hex Trump  ritual.  Head into the lobby of the closest Trump hotel and use your graveyard dirt or the soil you collected at the source of the river.

And then, cement the magic.  Bring it from the astral into the “mundane” world.

How do you do that?  Put the phone numbers  of your Congressperson and Senators into your contacts list.  (I include their local offices, which are often less busy and where you can often get an aide who will go back to the elected official for an answer.)  Then, a few times a week, you repeat the magical incantation:  “Siri, Call [Official X].” You’re not going to speak to the Congressperson or Senator.  You’ll either leave a message on voicemail or you’ll speak to a young intern who will take your message.  So it’s not intimidating.  It takes almost no time.  And, when we all do it, it’s effective.

Or, find and attend a local demonstration.  The Kremlin Annex   group has been demonstrating outside the White House nearly every day since Trump got back from his first treasonous trip to Russia.  More demonstrations are planned by Move On and Indivisible.  Find one and show up.

Or, get involved   in a local campaign.  Virginia, for example, has elections THIS November that have an excellent chance of turning the state blue.  While everyone else is focused on a national election months away, you have more influence than ever over local elections.

Chop wood; carry water.  Do magic; root it in the here and now.

What are you doing and how’s it going?

Picture found here.

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