Well, That Was Interesting


I was so proud of myself for getting an internet connection up here before Mercury Retrograde hit.  And, then, of course, Mercury Retrograde hit.  Friday afternoon, I came home from a wonderful trip up into the high mountains to find my internet connection down.  Finally, today, a very nice young man came and fixed the problem almost instantly (the ground crew hooking up my new neighbors had disconnected a wire — it wasn’t my fault!) and I’m back.  The semi-vacation (my cell phone still worked) from social media was probably good for me, anyway.

But I apologize to regular readers.  I’ve been blogging for a long time and have always tried to post nearly every day.  Between this move to the mountains and this recent internet blip, I haven’t done as well as I’d like.  But now that I’m mostly settled (it took three weeks, but all of the books are shelved and in order; I donated or gave away almost 20 boxes of books!) I have plans for a number of different blog posts.

One thing I want to do is to encourage everyone to take at least some small step every day to resist Trump.  And, as much as we may all enjoy it, posting on social media isn’t really “doing” anything.  But as Mrs. Whatsit has noted, it can give us the feeling that we’re resisting — “But I post stuff about how bad Trump is all the time!  And I spent an hour yesterday arguing online with a Trump supporter!”  If that were going to do the trick, we’d be quit of him by now.

My friend M. does do something everyday.  She’s involved with @kremlinannex, the group  that has been protesting and making noise outside Trump’s bedroom ever since he came back from his trip to kiss Putin’s feet.  They’ve now been doing this for a year — come torrential rain, withering heat, freezing snow, and lots of abuse from Trump supporters.  On their anniversary, they are asking for donations to allow them to continue their work (they need to pay for sound systems, lighted letters to spell out “racist,” etc.).  Even a very small amount will make a difference.  So if you can’t come out and protest yourself, please send them a little bit.  You can do it with magical intent for their work to continue and prosper.  And if you do find yourself in DC one evening, come swell their ranks.  You can even post your selfie on social media.

Picture found here.

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