We Resist Every Day


What have you been doing lately to resist?  It’s important to do something, no matter how small it may seem, to fight back against the Nazis.

You can go to Postcards4VA and help flip Virginia blue THIS YEAR.  Then we can pass the ERA.

You can demonstrate.  At an ICE facility, at your state capitol, at your representative’s local office.

And now, while legislators are home for the August recess, is a very good time to find out where they’ll be and go see them.  Tell them to pass gun safety laws, to impeach Trump, to protect the environment.

You can follow Byron Ballard’s advice and “pick three.”  Pick the three issues that matter most to you and work on them, knowing that others will pick other issues.

You can volunteer at your local school, library, clinic, or animal shelter.

You can plant a tree.

You can buy local food.

You can visualize the world you want and then do one thing each day to bring that world into being.

And, always, you can take care of yourself.  Sleep.  Hydrate.  Do your spiritual practice.  Go for a walk.  Have sex.

We need you.

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2 responses to “We Resist Every Day

  1. Sometimes when I look around me there is so much that needs resisting, so much work that needs to be done, that the temptation is to try and take on everything and spread myself thinly. Your post comes as a timely reminder – I can’t fight every battle and in order to fight the battles that I chose I need to be physically, mentally and spiritually well. Thank you for your post.

  2. I’m going to an Impeachment Teach-in here in Seattle on Sept. 7th, hosted by my congresswoman, Pramila Jayapal. I’m hoping to get a group of friends to go with me, since it’s on a Saturday. Rep. Jamie Raskin of the House Committee on the Judiciary will be there.

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