My World and Welcome to It

So it’s been about six weeks since I moved up here to the Blue Ridge.  I thought some of you might like an update.

With my Moon in Taurus, I don’t like big changes and I especially don’t like big changes to my living arrangements.  (And if you think that I don’t like change, let me introduce you to my two cats.  And, of course, there’s a feedback loop.  The more that I’m worried and upset about change, the more upset the cats get.  And the more upset the cats get . . . you see where this is going.)

Almost all of the big mistakes I’ve made in my life have had to do with staying too long — in relationships, jobs, living arrangements, etc.  So this time, when my Bit of Earth told me it was time to move, I listened.

Selling my beloved cottage and garden, buying a new home under construction (in a development under construction), managing the finances, going through everything I owned, packing things up — all of it made me pretty crazy (although, as the First Ex-Mr. Hecate used to say:  “Too late.”)  In the end, as it often does, it all worked out for the good.  Two dear friends came up, on the day the movers moved me in, and helped get the vast majority of “stuff,”  — dishes, pots, pans, wine glasses, spices, cat supplies, shoes, pictures, etc. — into place.  And then I spent about a month shelving books, organizing closets,  figuring out where everything was, rearranging the furniture.

And, now, here I am, beginning to find my way around, getting to know people and the local politics, taking the long way to the grocery store and stopping to chat with the local deer.  I’m so happy that I made this move.

Here, in random order, are some pictures of my new place.


Above is Nimue, about an hour after getting here from her several-day stay at the cat spa.  Although she looks worried in this picture, she’s adjusted pretty well to the move.

65311981_2654988894530916_5678501365848997888_nHere she is a few days later, offering to help me organize my desk.

66088767_2669825779713894_7472552223780634624_nHere are Merlin and Nimue with my new chandelier.  It’s a copy of the one in the Gamble House in California.  I’m still deciding whether I think it’s too bulky or not.

67376827_2709156745780797_2321344306394169344_n-1If you walk one block to the end of my street, the development dead-ends at a local farm.  Several of the cows like to cool off in the pond.

67403550_2703696149660190_7363760264086290432_nHere’s Merlin, resting in the afternoon sun.  He’s had a harder time adjusting to the move, but he’s going to get there.

67788304_2732892623407209_9193430810517045248_nThe nearest little town is White Post and you can see how it got its name.  The local legend is that, in a throwback to Pagan customs, George Washington buried a sixpence beneath the original post.

67796078_2732594626770342_1458203704082563072_nOn this morning’s walk, I saw Canada Geese feeding at the farm.  Autumn is coming.

67885847_2732879420075196_4199075549752066048_nThe local area is known for its orchards.  Yesterday, I drove past this lovely tree, weighed down with ripe apples.

67983660_2725457610817377_4262976416779337728_nEarlier this week, I took the long way to the grocery store.  Apparently, the deer don’t read the signs.

68457757_2732885690074569_6571762058411376640_nThis is the kind of amazing view that lifts my soul.  You’re looking at an old tree, a fertile corn field, fluffy white clouds, and those lovely blue mountains.

68479668_2732876496742155_4378063359715573760_nSpotted on my morning walk.  Wild datura growing in disturbed earth, I think.

68609851_2716262601736878_2975521035924799488_n-1I keep wanting to do a story about houses here from a gothic novel.

So that’s your tour of my Place.

I’d love to see or hear about yours.


5 responses to “My World and Welcome to It

  1. Thank you for sharing. It looks so lovely! ❤

  2. It’s all beautiful!

    Love your decor – I think the chandelier is perfect and I covet that Tiffany table lamp! Enjoyed all of the pictures and thank you for sharing them with us.

    All the best in your new home in the land that you love and which loves you!

  3. Good to see you’re all settling in-ish … it probably won’t feel complete until you’ve gone through a cycle of Seasons, and what an adventure that will be. 🙂 … I’m enjoying this series of posts. 🙂

  4. We earth signs don’t enjoy being upheaved, but you know you did the right things. No need to second guess yourself. It’s very green and lovely. I used to have a cat named Merlin, btw. I love your taste in lamps- I have four Tiffany-style lamps in a 1br apartment! I hope you decide to keep the chandelier- it’s perfect with the Mission style table and chairs. Wishing you many, many bright blessings in your new home, dear HD.

  5. Your new home is lovely! I can’t wait to see photos of the autumn colors. On the earth sign for your Moon, Moon in Capricorn here — moving for me was only possible because of lists, lists, lists and keeping my same furnishings, so there was a level of continuity and safety that I crave. Best wishes to you in your new space — may the spirits of that place love you well.

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