(Belated) Monday at the Movies

Something to consider for those who say it’s wrong to do political magic.

3 responses to “(Belated) Monday at the Movies

  1. Thanks for this! I say fight fire with Fire!

  2. I say BS to those who shy away from political magic. What do they think these male suprematist religionists are doing? It’s pure patriarchal political power used to divert us from our own power. I say use the power of the Matriarchs to its fullest. They know we own it; we embody it, which is why they constantly and continually try to separate us from it. Gaslighting us is one of their tools – violence and destruction are the other 2 in this most unholy trinity.

    But, they do not know nor understand the depth and breadth of Matriarchal power. They never have and they never will – we do. Their choice now is either to evolve within Matriarchal power or be devoured by it. Everything else reveals their impotence.

    We and all Creation will not be burned at the stake on their altar sadism – count on it.

  3. Makes my skin crawl! Btw, during WWII wiccans in Britain pulled out all the magickal stops to help stop Hitler from invading. Imo, people should think carefully about the magickal/karmic pros and cons, and be very clear about their own motivations and intentions. That said, I believe each person should act in accord with her own conscience, by ethical means. There’s usually a way to achieve a positive magickal goal without violating magickal ethics. If we violate our own ethics, we become as corrupt as they are, and our magickal energy is short-circuited. As Above, So Below is not just for when it’s convenient. Our magick must be ethical. That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it.

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