Fall Is Coming!


Although the equinox is still a week away, my favorite season is just about upon us. The days are noticeably shorter than they were even a few weeks ago. The leaves are just starting to turn. We still experience hot days (very hot, in fact, just yesterday), but when they hit, you know it’s only going to be a day – or two at the most – of closing up the house and turning the AC back on.

And much as I will miss the summer profusion of flowers (and hummingbirds and bees and other pollinators) in my garden, and in-season stone fruits and berries, and it staying light past 8:30 at night, I LOVE LOVE LOVE this time of year.

  • I love the monarchs that come through and enjoy my lantana flowers on their way to Mexico.
  • I love the way my garden looks as it starts to die back. And I love the snug feeling when I put it to bed for the year after the first frost.
  • I love swapping out the hummingbird feeder (after they’ve finished their migration) in favor of the suet cage, and welcoming a whole new group of feathered friends.
  • I love having the windows open, especially as we start enjoying cool nights – and the way the kitties are extra snuggly at night when that happens.
  • I love making the transition from linen sheets and cotton coverlet to flannel sheets and down comforter.
  • I love looking forward to baking (I still bake during the summer, but it’s more of a chore and no one enjoys the hot kitchen).
  • I love the cessation of crushing humidity and the return of crisp, clear, blue-skyed days.
  • I love the return of apples, and citrus fruits, and pomegranates, and orange-fleshed, hard-shelled squash.
  • I love not having to consider “exactly how sweaty am I likely to get?” first when choosing what to wear.
  • I love switching from iced coffee and tea to hot coffee and tea (although to be fair, by spring, I love the reverse process just as much).
  • I GO CRAZY for Halloween/Samhain (both the secular and religious holidays). Carved pumpkins and tons of candy for the hordes of trick-or-treaters we get and impressive/excessive decorations and costumes for myself and my spouse and ancestor altars and feeling the veils grow downright wispy.
  • I love curling up with a good book, a cup of tea, and a cat or two on the first cold, rainy day.
  • I love the first fire of the season. (When we bought our house almost 19 years ago, a working fireplace was on the “nice to have” list, both of us having grown up with them. We were wrong – it’s a “need to have.” Fortunately, this house has one.)
  • I love the inward turn, the assessing of the harvest, the introspection this season brings.

What are you mostly looking forward to, as we turn the wheel?

(Yes, I know the Dem debate was last night, and I watched it, but I needed a break from heavy topics. Although it’s past time for Andrew Yang to drop out, and I really wish Beto and Buttigieg would focus on something like Senate or governor.)

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2 responses to “Fall Is Coming!

  1. I love fall & I love winter! I also love the end of the heat of the summer. I also love putting on my flannels & my fleeces … my hoodies & my boots. I am much more comfy in the fall & winter.

  2. All of the above, 😀 … but mostly that SNOW is so much closer now! 😀

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