Whatever It Takes

So, I was going to do a detailed Potpourri post today, but then, well, you know.

I had to meet a campaign volunteer in the next town to drop off materials.  I met her, dropped them off, went to the drug store and picked up a prescription, and came home.  By then it was 4:00 and I hadn’t eaten since breakfast.  So I started to cook and was overwhelmed by the smell of gas.  Turned off power to the gas line, went outside, and called the gas company.

They sent a nice young man who spent almost an hour checking for a gas leak.  Couldn’t find anything.  Said he could smell something but it didn’t smell like gas to him.  He said that there have been several calls about sewer gas over on this side of the lake.  I have a call into the builder for Monday morning.  Air conditioning off and windows open.

But let me tell you about the woman I met.  She’s elderly, probably early 80s.  It was in the 90s up here today and she was about to go canvass a hilly mountain town.  In the afternoon sun.  With a terrible cold.  She was out canvassing last weekend, too.

I keep running into these women who have just decided that Trump will not stand and they will do the difficult grunge work necessary to take him down, starting at the local level.  I am in awe of them.  Guys, we could use some help.

2 responses to “Whatever It Takes

  1. I was calling retirees out for canvassing a week or so ago, and a few of them told me that while they’d definitely vote Democratic they weren’t going to donate or volunteer because Democrats in Congress weren’t doing their damn job to fight Trump.

    I called my Rep and Senators to let them know this bullshit is risking losing freaking school board campaigns.

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