Do Something Just For You


This is your periodic self-care reminder.

Every time the news cycle clicks into a higher gear, I think: “This is it. It can’t get crazier than this.” And yet, invariably, a few days or a week later, it does.

The impeachment inquiry is moving along and TrumPutin can’t seem to help telling on himself. I don’t know about you, but I have that anxious feeling that if I turn away from the news for a hot second, he’ll declare war on France or some shit.

State elections are fast approaching in Virginia, Louisiana, Kentucky, and Mississippi, and many of us have been PUTTING IN THE WORK to #FlipVABlue and, well, do the best we can in those deep South states.

We’ve just gotten through the hottest September on record in many places in the US, passing the previous record which was set at least here in the Mid-Atlantic, a mere three years ago.

Plus back to school.

Plus the approaching pagan High Holidays.

Plus plus plus.

(In my case, a raft of deliverables hitting for two big clients, upcoming travel, trying to keep boxing without re-injuring my still healing elbow, dealing with an invasion of ants, all my major volunteer commitments ramping up – it’s that time of year – and four webinars to deliver in less than a month. Oh, and I’m behind schedule on my next whitepaper. And I need to get the Samhain decorations out. Thank the Goddess the weather broke.)



Put down Twitter.

Turn off MSNBC.

What are you going to do this weekend just for yourself?

Sure, you’re still going to write your daily five postcards to voters, and go to the kids’ soccer game, and bake cupcakes for the Parent-Teacher-Student Association fundraiser, and do the laundry, and plan meals for the week and go to the grocery store, and call your brother.

But what are you going to do just for you?

Women are taught to put everyone else’s needs first, to take responsibility for everything, to manage everyone, and to put ourselves last. We’re socialized that attending to our own needs is selfish. We do too much, we give too much, and we’re punished for even trying to keep a little bit back for ourselves.

Well, fuck that.

In between my coffee meeting with a colleague who has questions about how to run a Mastermind group and hosting my circle for another night of political magic and the monthly local Democratic party officers meeting and boxing classes and the grocery store and battling the ants, I plan to have a late lunch with some dear friends, finish reading The Girl With All The Gifts, and (hopefully) watch my team win Sunday afternoon.

Tell me what you’re planning to do just for you this weekend in the comments.

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4 responses to “Do Something Just For You

  1. Deborah DiScenza

    The land spirits and trees threw a shower for me today, a shower of dancing leaves. I will be doing a few chores that I have desired to do around the house because a more organized home reduces my stress.

  2. Julie and I are going to the Nehalem Harvest Festival, just a couple of towns to the north of us. It sounds wonderful, with participating farms, artists, and local businesses. From their announcement: “All proceeds support the LNCT’s mission to preserve land and nurture conservation values in the Nehalem region of the Oregon Coast.” Weather (always a concern on the Oregon Coast) looks to be 60 and partly cloudy. “A fantabulous night to make romance, ‘neath the cover of October skies,” as Van Morrison says.

  3. The high point of my trip to visit a son and wife (who live a long way from my home) will be visiting the Mesa Verde site tomorrow. Of course family will be with me, but for me, it’s just wonderful to get to see it again in this lifetime.

  4. It’s been tricky, in between tasks related to “moving in” and work on Virginia’s upcoming election, to keep finding time for myself. But I promised myself that I’d walk every day up here and I’m doing better every week. And, at least once a week I go on “rambles” just to get to know this bit of Earth better. After Nov. 5th, I’ll do better.

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