Words for Wednesday


The Significance of Location

~ Pattiann Rogers

The cat has the chance to make the sunlight

Beautiful, to stop it and turn it immediately

Into black fur and motion, to take it

As shifting branch and brown feather

Into the back of the brain forever.


The cardinal has flown the sun in red

Through the oak forest to the lawn.

The finch has caught it in yellow

And taken it among the thorns. By the spider

It has been bound tightly and tied

In an eight-stringed knot.


The sun has been intercepted in its one

Basic state and changed to a million varieties

Of green stick and tassel. It has been broken

Into pieces by glass rings, by mist

Over the river. Its heat

Has been given the board fence for body,

The desert rock for fact. On winter hills

It has been laid down in white like a martyr.


This afternoon we could spread gold scarves

Clear across the field and say in truth,

“Sun you are silk.”


Imagine the sun totally isolated,

Its brightness shot in continuous streaks straight out

Into the black, never arrested,

Never once being made light.


Someone should take note

Of how the earth has saved the sun from oblivion.

Picture found here.

One response to “Words for Wednesday

  1. Thank you for this lovely reminder that beauty still exists in the world. May beings be benefited.

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