The Magical Battle for America


We’ve been working for years now to save America.  Whether you’ve been doing these workings from the beginning or have just joined us, thank you.  Thank you for caring enough about America to do this work.

Whenever I start to get worn down, I remember that Dion Fortune’s Magical Battle of Britain also lasted for years.  Even when her home was being bombed, she kept sending out workings for people across Britain to do to protect their landbase.  (We’re really involved in the second phase of the same battle; anyone who doesn’t recognize the Nazi presence in the Trump White House is just not paying attention.  Dion Fortune won Phase I.  It’s up to us to win Phase II.)  Gradually, the war in Europe shifted and Dion Fortune’s work shifted, too.  She began sending her workings out monthly, instead of weekly, and she began to focus on what Britain  and Europe should look like after the war rather than focusing exclusively on protecting Britain as it was when the Nazis began their attack.

The Brits have this lovely saying about starting as they mean to go on.  We started out basing our Magical Battle for America on Dion Fortune’s Magical Battle of Britain and I think we should “go on” in the same way.  I’m going to be sending these workings out monthly, at least until we get close to the 2020 election.  And what I’d love to hear in comments is what you want America to look like — post-Trump.  Not just, “Let’s go back to where we were,” but, also, given that so much has been upturned and thrown over, what would a wonderful, magical future look like?

Also, I have one ask.  We are just a few days away from a very important election here in Virginia.  Democrats are just a very few seats away from controlling the state legislature.  If the Democrats win, they will pass gun safety legislation right here in the NRA’s home state.  They will pass the ERA.  They will raise teacher’s salaries.  And they will make sure that, following the next census, district lines are drawn fairly.

Many of these seats are won or lost by a very few votes. Your postcards could very well make the difference.  Candidates report that voters who get postcards remember getting them and are motivated to get out and vote.

Would you please do something for me?  Go to Poscards4VA  , register, download 5 addresses, and write postcards (you can buy postcards at the post office with postage already on them) to 5 Democratic-leaning candidates.  (I can recommend Irina Khanin , but there are several other deserving candidates.)  Put them in the mail by October 22nd.  That’s it.  It will take only a few minutes.  If you have children, this is a fun way to get them involved.  Maybe they can put stickers on the postcards or use markers to highlight the date of the election (Nov. 5, 2019) on the cards.  You don’t have to knock on anyone’s door or call anyone up.  You don’t need to sign your full name.

If you do write postcards, please let me know in comments.  I’m happy to pull 3 Tarot cards for anyone who does so.  Let’s win the Battle for America, one election at a time.

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One response to “The Magical Battle for America

  1. I think it’s still early to move to monthly. He’s a slippery SOB and I for one do not want him to have any let-up until he is gone.

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