It Happened Again Last Night


It happened again last night.

Virginia is just days away from a major election and Dems need volunteers to hand out sample ballots at the polls.  So we gathered at my neighbor’s house (she’d pulled together an agenda, sign-up sheets, and information on canvassing between now and the election, gone to the store for pies and brownies, made coffee, and, generally done what you do when you’re having people over) and there it was again.

A room almost entirely full of women.  Out of fifteen people, there were two men —  the husband of the woman hosting the meeting and one other guy who was there with his wife.

It’s like that at just about every meeting I’ve been to in the last three years.  Postcard parties.  Dem breakfasts.  Precinct meetings.  Canvassing centers.  Organization meetings.  And, yes, it’s great to see women coming into their own, running for office, getting stuff done.   But, you know, you don’t need a vagina to write postcards, phone bank, or make sign-in sheets.  You don’t need a vagina to put everyone’s info into a spreadsheet or to bake cookies for the meeting.  You don’t need a vagina to run to Kinkos and get extra copies made of the flyers.

I’m asking men to step up to the plate and start helping us to defeat Trump and his ilk.  To do some of the less-than-exciting-but-very-necessary work it’s going to take to get progressive candidates elected up and down the ballot.  Give us a hand here, guys.


(#notallmen I realize that some men work very hard on elections.  This post isn’t meant to ignore what they do.  I’d just like more of those men’s brothers to follow their examples.)

Picture found here.

2 responses to “It Happened Again Last Night

  1. Over at the canvassing hq that I go to it’s all guys, including, as far as anyone knows, me. Though several of the launchpads are hosted by women =) o wish more people would step up. Several of my friends are proudly contemptuous of politics and even voting.

    • Thank you (and the other guys) so much for canvassing. It’s one of the most effective things anyone can do to get out the vote. If democracies are going to work, we all have to step up to the plate and be active citizens.

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