Virginia is for voters blue wave postcard from Postcards For Virginia

Did you know…?

…That Virginia has elections EVERY year?

…That “off-year,” odd-year elections, when there are only state-level races on the ballot, historically draw much lower voter turnout?

…That despite that, in 2017, after 20+ years of Republican dominance in the state House of Delegates and state Senate, which means highly gerrymandered districts, the Dems ALMOST flipped both houses?

…That one of those races came down to a TIE, which means they drew the winner’s name out of a hat (yes really, and it was the Republican)?

…That the Republican gerrymandering was SO BAD it went to a panel of federal judges to fix it?

…That the new districts are – unsurprisingly – much more favorable to Democrats?

…That 2019 is an off-off year election – that is, no gubernatorial race on the ballot, which means voter turnout tends to be EVEN LOWER?

…That high turnout historically favors Democrats, and low turnout historically favors Republicans?

…That the blue wave in Virginia in 2017 set the stage for the bigger blue wave nationally in 2018 that gave control of the House of Representatives back to the Democrats, who’ve used that to start holding TrumPutin and his toadies accountable for their many crimes?

…That ALL 140 seats in the Virginia state legislature are on the ballot THIS TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 5?

I hope by now you’re revved up and thinking: “What can I do to help?”


It’s too late to write postcards – those are already in voters’ hands. But it’s not too late to phone bank, text bank, donate, or, for those of you who are in driving distance to Virginia, canvass.

And EVERYONE is looking for volunteers.

And, of course, if you live in Virginia – VOTE!

Look, we’re all busy and involved in our own lives, and our kids’ activities, and our local communities. But ask yourself: Can I spare one hour, two hours, sometime in the next five days to make sure control of key, increasingly-blue state doesn’t come down to a goddamn coin flip?

I think you can. Let’s do this!

Image found at Postcards for VA.

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2 responses to “#FlipVABlue

  1. Ohio here. You mentioned Postcards to Voters in earlier post, so I signed up and wrote for the Fairfax School Board candidate. Just so you know your words take root.

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