Take a Victory Lap

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And then get right back in the fight, if I may mix my metaphors for a moment.

Democrats won big on Tuesday.

Dems won control of BOTH houses of the Virginia state legislature for the first time in more than 20 years. Given the Democratic governor, this is going to mean big things in Virginia in the next few years (sensible gun safety protections and protection of women’s reproductive rights, and yes, the dude who proposed ankle monitors to prevent pregnant women from getting abortions LOST) and nation-wide (Virginia will almost certainly become the critical 38th state to pass the ERA and Democrats will control the redistricting process after the 2020 census).

You did that.

Democrat Andy Beshear defeated reviled Republican governor Matt Bevin in Kentucky of all places. KENTUCKY. No, this is not some harbinger that Kentucky is about to turn blue, or even become a purple state – Republicans won all the other state-level races there on Tuesday. But it does mean that Kentuckians, when faced with a wildly destructive asshole, sometimes, temporarily come to their senses. You know who else is a wildly destructive asshole from Kentucky? #MoscowMitch. If you have a spare $5, you might want to kick it to his likely 2020 Democratic opponent, Amy McGrath, because #MoscowMitch might be a dreadful excuse for a human being, but he also has a HUGE war chest and plenty of rich, shady backers.

You did that.

72 Run for Something candidates won Tuesday night, all of them young progressives, many of them men of color, women of all colors, religious minorities, LGBTQ, or some combination of the above. For example:

You did that.

Democrats won control of the city council in Mike Pence’s hometown for the first time in almost 40 years. I really hope the first thing they do is a pass a sexual orientation non-discrimination ordinance.

You did that.

Democrats won control of the Delaware County (PA) Council for the first time…ever? As we look to 2020, winning in Pennsylvania seems important.

You did that.

And you should pop the champagne (we did on Tuesday night), toss the confetti, have some cake, and congratulate yourself and all your fellow grass-roots volunteers on a job well done.

Then take a nap.

Then get right back to it. 2020 is coming.

The entire House of Representatives is up for election, and we have lots of first-term incumbents to defend (plus it would be great to pick up EVEN MORE seats).

35 seats in the Senate are up for election, and the Republicans have to defend 23 of them to the Dems’ 12. We need to pick up FOUR additional seats to take control. If we don’t, President Harris (or Warren, either is good by me) is going to have a very hard time achieving her agenda.

The 2020 election is in 361 days. The Iowa primary is in 87 days. On November 4, 2020, what do you want to proudly be able to say you did to help elect Democrats up and down the ballot?

Start laying your plans now. It’s that time of year.

Image from the Washington Post.

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2 responses to “Take a Victory Lap

  1. Thanks for laying that out. 😀 … sometimes when all we, in the rest of the world, hear about is the orange cheeto, the other good stuff going on in your country gets lost in the static.

  2. There’s so much good stuff happening on the ground these days. Thanks for calling attention to some of it. Here in my little corner of MA we raised about $6K in a #DitchMitch2020 fundraiser at the end of September — and had fun doing it. Back to work!

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