Elections Have Consequences; Turn on the TV Tomorrow


Tomorrow, all of the major television stations will preempt their regular daytime programs to broadcast Impeachment proceedings.  (Turn your tv on, even if you mute the sound and leave the room.  We need these to stay on tv all week.)

This would not be happening without the Big Blue Wave in 2018 that swept a Democratic majority into the House.  That didn’t just happen.  In fact, that it happened at all — in the face of intense voter suppression, gross partisan gerrymandering, a media that allows Trump to play it like a piano, and interference in out electoral process by foes both foreign and domestic — is really pretty remarkable.

No, it didn’t just happen.  Activists all over this country made it happen.  You made it happen.  If you’ve been doing the Magical Battle for America  working or Michael Hughes’  Bind Trump spells, if you ran for office, or stuffed envelopes, or wrote postcards, or canvassed, or phone banked, or drove people to the polls, or donated, or voted — if you did any or all of those things, then you did this.  You got us to the point where the House is having public, televised hearings to impeach Trump.

We’ve got a ways to go (and tonight’s full Moon in Taurus would be a very good time to do some magic to prevent Republican ratfucking and attempts to disrupt the proceedings and to grant Adam Schiff and other Democrats the wisdom and strength to succeed).  But we should give ourselves a moment to reflect on this stunning victory.  We did it.  We’re going to keep doing it.

Elections have consequences and every vote counts.

Picture found here.

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