From the Witch’s Bedtable


Based on Michael Hughes’   recommendation, I’ve been reading — and very much enjoying — Initiated: Memoir of a Witch  by Amanda Yates Garcia  .  I like her take on Hecate:

Hecate stands at the place where three roads converge.  As the Goddess in her crone aspect, avatar of age and experience, the most existential of goddesses, she tells you, “When everything breaks, you still have choices.”  You can take the road that walks you deeper into trauma, deeper into the knife, until it kills you; you can walk away from the knife, away from risk and potentially any feeling at all, choosing a life of convention, hoping that the authorities won’t  notice you and will leave you alone; or take the third road, the shadowy animal path carved into the edges of a cliff, half covered in vines a trail you have to forge on your own.

(Ok, I’d have used some periods and broken that run-on sentence into about four or five sentences.  Still I like what she’s saying.)

Picture found here.

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