What Rhyd Said


Rhyd’s discussion of Thanksgiving is thoughtful and good.   And his pictures are sumptuous.

Thanksgiving is an ancient rite, far older than the United States or any empire. Feasting in gratitude re-inscribes our health and well-being into the world of the gods, into the nature from which all wealth derives. In America, Thanksgiving is a pale shadow of that older way of being, unrooted from the earth and overlain with nationalist and colonialist myths. But the rite itself remains important, and many rites like it. Not for the renewal of nations and governments but for ourselves and the earth of which we are but one small part. If our feasts connected us again to the cycles of the earth in gratitude, and if our contrition took the form of caring for that earth rather than pillaging it for more products, perhaps we could finally have an unproblematic holiday.

I hope your day was wonderful and that gratitude lights up your winter.

Picture found here.

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