Calling All Witches


My friend Gwendolyn has put together an elegant structure for the Pagan community.  She writes:

If you are the kind of person who looks at times like these and thinks, “I have to DO something,” then you are a Granny Weatherwax.  Granny Weatherwax is a fictional character who epitomizes the will and wisdom to do what is needed.

The most important thing we can do to combat COVID-19 is embrace social distancing and rigorous hygiene.  People in our communities may go into quarantine and some may be hospitalized.  Operation “We Are Granny Weatherwax” provides a structure and tools to help us quickly organize our personal social networks and link them so that we can all take care of each other.  These are hard times.  This is a call to organize and act.  Join the movement and be a Granny Weatherwax for your community.

I am hoping that some of you will join me in taking on the role of Granny Weatherwax and organizing support for our communities.  Please take a look.  I am happy to receive any feedback or take any questions.

Much love to you and all of your network.

Love and Light,


Information here.

Picture found here.

3 responses to “Calling All Witches

  1. Thank you so much, Hecate! I am happy to take any questions that people have. I’ve set up an email that I will try to check regularly:

  2. She’s so brilliant. I’m in. For the Chalk!

  3. Deborah Becker

    I am essential personnel at work. I Work security front desk and My job is stopping everyone that comes into the buildings to make sure they Or doctors hospice workers or nurses. And making sure that they are following the strict protocol of our organization.

    What are some of the practical implications that are being suggested.

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