Time Out of Time

kwanzan cherry tree in bloom

“There are only three days now – yesterday, today, and tomorrow.”

This aphorism has become so ubiquitous it’s impossible to determine the source, but props to whoever it was, because, Goddess, is it ever true.

Time itself feels as out of sorts, as disjunctive, as we all do personally now.

One of the indulgences my spouse and I have enjoyed, ever since we could make room for it in our budget, is a bi-weekly cleaning service. The team does a great job on basic stuff – making sure surfaces are dusted or vacuumed, cleaning the main fixtures in the baths and kitchen. But they, understandably, don’t do deep cleaning – no disassembling of ceiling light fixtures and fans to wash them, no removing of all the books from the shelves to individually dust them, no washing windows, no insides of closets and drawers.

Of course, our cleaning service has been paused (and yes, we’re still paying them for the duration), so, for the first time in years, we’re doing our own cleaning. I realized that if we do one room a day, we can get through the entire house in under two weeks, which means we can get on a nice schedule of cleaning one room a day most days but not every day and get through the whole place on the “normal” schedule. But I also realized that the smart thing to do would be, in the first cycle, to, in the grand tradition of spring cleaning, deep-clean each room, doing all the stuff the normal team doesn’t do: moving furniture to wash baseboards, washing all the lighting fixtures, emptying closets and drawers and tidying before putting things back, dusting each book by hand, etc.

All that is pretty introspective.

Which feels weird at this time of year.

In the Before Time, witches often focus on going inside (both literally and metaphorically) from Samhain to Imbolc. To be honest, although *our* calendar dictates that, it can be challenging to manage, when the mundane world is in the grip of the big winter holidays. But witches usually find some quiet time and space when Gaia is dreaming to do our own looking inward and planning.

By now – nearly a month post-Ostara – Gaia is bursting into full bloom, and our energies and focus are normally turning outward.

It’s an odd time to be going through the dark corners of the house, and through the dark corners of our own minds and hearts.

And yet here we are.

There are only three days now – yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

There are only these four walls.

There are only the beings contained within them – maybe only yourself, maybe only yourself and a beloved animal companion. In any case, far fewer creatures than most of us are accustomed to interacting with on a regular basis.

And so we spring clean, and prepare for what comes next.

What are you finding in the back of your closets and drawers? What shadows are you unearthing right now? What patterns no longer serve? What needs to be returned so it can be recycled and reborn?

What is your vision of the After Time?

Because there will be one, and it’s up to us to envision what it will be, now, while we have this time out of time to go inward, and then set our plans, both magical and mundane, to make it so.

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4 responses to “Time Out of Time

  1. My vision of the After Time? We’ll remember the lessons we learned during the pandemic:

    All people have the right to access to affordable health care

    All jobs merit a living wage

    All workers merit paid leave

    The Democrats will possess the political will to focus on these things

    Voters will reject Republican elected officials in sufficient quantities at all levels of government that the Democrats’ political will can be effective in ACCOMPLISHING these things

    This is my will, and as I will it, so mote it be.

  2. I hope lessons are learned. I am afraid it depends how long this horror endures; after the 1918 Flu Pandemic people were so horrified and exhausted that they seemed to have simply tried to FORGET the entire event!

  3. ‘Yesterday, today, and tomorrow,’ … I like that. 🙂

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