Rest In Power, George Floyd

It’s a sad day in a series of sad days, and my thoughts are with those who are fighting for justice today in Minneapolis.

Will things ever change?

There are two small, hopeful signs:

  1. The officers who took his life were immediately fired (NOT placed on administrative leave with pay) and at least one of them has now been charged. Given that police jobs are unionized and those unions tend to be very strong, this is actually quite significant.
  2. Chiefs of police around the country have spoken out against the Minneapolis officers’ abuse of power.  Given the culture of omertà in police departments, this is also actually quite significant.

I’m not sure either of those things would’ve happened without the unceasing efforts of activist groups like Black Lives Matter (and others) who are, slowly but successfully, bending the arc towards justice.

(And no, I’m not interested in talking about some smash-and-grab in a Target. Racist white people have repeatedly destroyed entire black neighborhoods and towns over the course of American history. Target has insurance. They’ll be fine.)

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3 responses to “Rest In Power, George Floyd

  1. police chiefs always speak out. what about the unions? no. this is a case of a few good apples and bushels and bushels of bad apples. they are filled with rage and fear. fear they will lose their white privilege, status, power. and rage at the people they see taking the same away

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