It’s Time

So, it’s getting to be crunch time, mes aims. Those of us who went to bed in tears on that dark night in 2016 and woke up the next morning swearing to fight back — well, we’ve either been doing the work or we haven’t. So many of us have. But it’s not too late! You can throw your shoulder to the wheel now — now when it matters so much

So many people I know (mostly women) who never thought they’d be doing “this,” are now running for office, hexing politicians, raising money for campaigns, sprinkling their menstrual blood in the back halls power, writing postcards to voters, calling their representatives every morning, protesting every night, writing sigils in oil on polling places, running campaigns, writing voting guides, learning ancient spells for phylactery, volunteering to be poll workers, feeding the birds outside Trump’s hotels with charged birdseed . . . .

What will you commit to doing between now and November 3rd? Don’t wait too long to decide! Voting starts in under two weeks in many states. And don’t forget the “down ballot” races. As Run for Something ( ) always reminds us, the way to win national elections is to win local elections.

On the physical plane, please make sure you have: filled out the census (online or on paper), registered to vote, made a plan to vote, donated to a candidate if you can, put signs in your window/yard, put a bumper sticker on your car, made some phone bank calls, written some postcards to voters, and talked to your friends and family about voting safely.

Magically, please check out the Magical Battle of America posts that Dio has catalogued for us. ( ) Pick an American egregore — the Salmon, Lady Liberty, Walden Pond, the Underground Railway, and/or the Cowboy and fashion a magical working to protect the US Mail, your local polling place, the drop box outside your registrar’s office, whichever spot the Powers, and Spirits, and Beings of your place tell you needs the most work.

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