What We’ve Learned

What it felt like, when it finally happened, was like tight steel bands around your chest slowly coming loose. You could breathe. Easily. Fully. Again and again.

Finally, we know he’ll be out of power. Finally, we can begin to undo the damage. Finally, we can scan Twitter or the news without the ever-present feeling of dread.

If you’ve ever lived with an abuser, you know that one thing they do is absorb ALL of your attention. They control you by keeping you on pins and needles even when they’re NOT being abusive. You’re not even aware of it until it stops. Until you can wake up in the morning not thinking about how you can try to keep things on an even keel. Until something goes wrong — the car won’t start, the dinner order is late, you can’t find something — and you just deal with the problem instead of having to deal with the abuse and THEN deal with the problem. At some point, you realize what a burden you’ve been living with all this time without even knowing you were doing it.

Let’s never forget the good lessons we’ve learned. Democracy requires our participation at all levels and at all times — local and national, every day. We are powerful and effective. Some efforts take years, but they’re still worth it. We can’t give up on any marginalized group.

I want to especially thank everyone who worked our Magical Battle for America. You kept at it during some terribly dark days. Bless you.

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4 responses to “What We’ve Learned

  1. This. All of it. I could sleep last night without having to *work* at sleeping, and I woke up without my teeth clenched or my shoulders tight.

  2. Cheers dear- on all this, all the work, all the striving. Thank you and Mrs Whatsit for being here and sharing your wisdom and light and general badassery ❤

  3. All blessings and thanks for sharing your wisdom and good words. Now we just need to make sure things happen for good.

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