May Your Holidays SWING

Little known fact, but there are TWO outstanding jazz versions of the Nutcracker Suite.

The one embedded above is the BETTER known of the two, arranged by the legendary duo of Duke Ellington and Billy Strayhorn.

However, there is a lesser known version, arranged by Shorty Rogers, that is JUST as tasty and hip. Couldn’t find video, but AllMusic has the audio links.

Now normally, me and the spouse enjoy a night out in the neighborhood around this time of year, walking to dinner at one of our many neighborhood faves, then walking on to the neighborhood performing arts center, where one of our great local jazz orchestras performs Ellington’s version, Rogers’s version, or, if we’re very lucky, BOTH (yes, they did that one year and swore never to do it again because it WORE THEM OUT).

Well, not this year.

But we can still light up the tree, put these sweet, swingin’ tunes on the hi-fi, pour a cocktail, and take a listen. So that’s what we’re going to do.

What are some of your normal holiday traditions? How are you adapting them in this pandemic year?

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2 responses to “May Your Holidays SWING

  1. We’d normally get a tree but we don’t want to shop or go to forest service for a permit this year. So I went up to the hills to get greenery. Made three big vases full of pine, sagebrush, rose hips, and oregon grape, which looks enough like holly to deck our halls. (Something you said once helped me to understand that we don’t have to have holly or ivy or mistletoe, which are expensive imports for us. Whatever grows in our land base that defies the winter cold is better anyway.)

    • Sounds lovely! We did get a tree, but we went to the outdoor lot at 10 am on a weekday and were the only people there other than the people who sold us the tree.

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