We’re ALL There

12/13/20 Pearls Before Swine comic strip

It’s pretty common, at this time of year, to reflect on what one has accomplished. And in the era of social media, when so many of us give in to the temptation to “curate” our lives for our platforms (lots of vacation shots and accomplishments, eliding the mistakes and failures), many of us are both seeing – and perpetrating – a highly edited version of our 2020 right now.

In short, lots of “I learned Italian” and very little “I haven’t changed out of my pajamas or showered in three days.”

And we absolutely should be celebrating ANYTHING we managed to accomplish this year, no matter how small. Because it’s been incredibly hard on everyone. Even if you haven’t lost someone you love to COVID-19, or lost a job or your home (or your savings trying to keep your home after losing your job), we’ve all been dealing with fear and isolation and sadness and loneliness and anxiety and boredom and rage.

And all those negative emotions? They’re OK, too. You do not have to be Ms. Mary Sunshine every goddamn minute.

I’m here to give you permission, if you need it, to feel all those “bad” things and to accept yourself right here and right now. In case you need to hear it – in case no one else has told you yet – whatever you have OR HAVEN’T been able to accomplish in this uncanny pandemic year, you’re doing great – amazing, actually, even if you didn’t re-tile your bathroom or learn how to make phyllo from scratch.

And don’t let anyone else tell you different.

Sunday, December 13, 2020 Pearls Before Swine comic strip from Stephen Pastis’s online archive

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One response to “We’re ALL There

  1. Hell yes, just surviving is cause for celebration.

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