Real-World Results

Todays events, although horrifying, aren’t surprising. Many of us saw this coming five years ago and tried desperately to elect Hillary Clinton, instead. But unconscious sexism is a real thing. And so, the fact that she gave some speeches to Wall Street, or used a secure email server, or got pneumonia, or whatever was blown way out of proportion while all of Trump’s gigantic character flaws, crimes, and dangers were downplayed, ignored, treated like interesting quirks. Without even being aware that we’re doing it, we hold women and men to very different standards.

And, here we are.

Unconscious sexism has real-world results. Today, we saw some of them quite clearly.

3 responses to “Real-World Results

  1. IF these domestic terrorists were to have been, of any and all colors, only or nearly only women, well, … … AllWeAll already .k n o w. what would be happening to Us Women … … right now.

    AND thus with the current man:
    WHERE tonight, with 13 more days still and with an UNfit, an UNstable holder of it, is that ” football ” = that thing which holds the ” keys ” to UNlock the beaucoup … … nuclear weapons’ silos’ missiles out HERE within my Midwest ? This thing is always to BE with / within the STAT – purview of this country’s president. WHERE tonight … … and for the next several days’ time … … IS it ?

  2. It wasn’t unconscious sexism. It was quite conscious.

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