Trump 2020 Make the Liberals Cry Again

Shortly after Trump was elected, but before he was inaugurated, I put up a post about how much damage he could do and was assured by a BNP that I was being hysterical.

And we all heard variations on that theme. Our neighbor with the “Trump/Pence Fuck Your Feelings” flag assured us that he’d survived Obama and we’d survive Trump. And if we weren’t a child thrown into a cage, or a black man shot for nothing, or one of the hundreds of thousands of COVID victims, or one of the people who lost their job in this economy — well, maybe we have survived. So far. But that doesn’t make it OK.

What happened yesterday in DC was horrific, but not surprising. Many of us knew that this is where we were headed and we knew it back when he was elected.

Next time, maybe listen to women and people of color.

3 responses to “Trump 2020 Make the Liberals Cry Again

  1. I’ve been called a hysteric since 9-11. I was a military intelligence analyst and not an idiot. I’m sick of being dismissed as a woman.

  2. kathleenacurran


  3. Quite frankly I’m surprised it didn’t happen sooner.

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