A Beginning Is a Very Delicate Time*

Ivo Dominguez recently provided some great ideas for protective work for President-Elect Biden and Vice President-Elect Harris. If you feel called, please select one of these workings or, call on any of the American ancestors with whom you’ve worked.

Here are some possible methods for protecting Joe Biden and Kamala Harris that I’ve brainstormed up. If one works for you, go for it. If not, I hope they’ll stir your crceativity to come up with something suitable to your style.

Enhance Biden or Harris’ Situational Awareness Pick either Biden or Harris and become additional input for their intuition and instincts. Pull up their image online and ideally print it out or at least bookmark it to easily pull it up on your screen. The day of the inauguration hold the printout or pull up the image and gaze upon it. Use whatever internal preparation you do before working. Breathe deeply and look at their image. Look into their eyes. With each breath let your energy draw closer to their energy. Let yourself be drawn to them through time and space and stand beside them. Become extra eyes and ears scanning around them for danger. If you sense a danger speak loudly with your mind’s voice to warn them or tough the edge of their aura. There is a limit to endurance and keeping yourself clear and sharp. Periodically take a break and then return. If enough of us do this, coverage should be good.

Enhance the Protectors The best protection from physical harm is probably the various security teams that will be surrounding them. Making them stronger, faster, wiser, more alert, etc. can make a difference. Pick a God/dess or other powerful spirit that is resonant to this work and call upon them. I intend to make offerings and promises of work I will do in exchange for their help. Although a general request for all the protectors to be blessed with power is worthwhile, you may wish to pick a specific branch/type of service protectors.

Reveal The Plots The sooner plans to do harm are revealed, the sooner they can be thwarted. I suggest sending the servitor Uerymurc with the task of sloppy communication so that the intelligence community can find it. Additionally, you could work with a God/dess or other powerful spirit to bring the truth to the surface so that it is easily seen. Another option is asking them to speed the wheels and gears of cause/effect/karma so they get caught before they implement their plans.

Invocation Of Peace Following you own traditions, call for the seal of peace, of frith, of sanctuary, and so on to make the district a sacred precinct for the duration of the inauguration. Map work, specific altars, and target materials suggested.

This is not an exhaustive list, but I hope it gets the ball rolling.

Picture found here.

Quote from Princess Irulian in Dune.

2 responses to “A Beginning Is a Very Delicate Time*

  1. The Dune quote is perfect to describe the situation.

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