Sun on Snow Potpourri

The rate of new COVID infections has begun to drop, although we still have a long way to go and new, more contagious variants of the virus may make it even more difficult to get “back to normal,” which, as we all realize, won’t look like the “old normal.” But as more and more people are vaccinated and we begin to emerge from this epidemic, it may be helpful to begin thinking about what you want to “bring back” with you. There’s an awful lot we’re looking to leave behind, but what nuggets of wisdom or new information will you want to keep?

Son and a number of my friends say they will continue to work almost exclusively from home. They have the kind of jobs that allow them to do so and they’ve found that not having to commute frees up valuable time for other things. Grocery shopping has long been one of those chores that I really dislike and I’ll probably continue to get my groceries delivered most of the time. Zooming allows people from a wide geographic area, people with disabilities, and people of limited means to participate in conferences and I suspect that a number of groups will continue to meet via Zoom. Are there things that you’ve learned that you’ll want to keep?

Have you seen this? Marco Visconti has colorized photographs of esotericists from the mid-nineteenth and early twentieth centuries and they’re — wow. You’ve probably seen a number of these in black and white, but you’ll want to see the colorized versions now.

Speaking of recent history, if you enjoyed (I did!) The Dig on Netflix, you might be interested to learn that Edith Pretty, on whose property the Sutton Hoo mounds were found, was a serious spiritualist who dreamed the contents of the mound before it was excavated.

Balthazar, on AcornTV, is an interesting exploration of what it’s like to live with ghosts.

This looks good!

Get your postcards on.

Picture found here.

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