(Belated) Monday at the Movies

I didn’t know she practiced voodoo.

3 responses to “(Belated) Monday at the Movies

  1. Did I miss something? Was it the altar? Tina has been a practicing Buddhist since the 1970s.

  2. It was a wonderful documentary. I thought it was Buddhism, too–I must have missed a clue!

  3. … … about what beaucoup Buddhism practitioners, particularly women / girls,
    do not seem to know nor to care ? thus, along with other so – called
    ” spiritually leadership – ” dudes = by Dr R Miles:
    “ ‘ The body of a woman is filthy, and not a vessel for the law.’ —Buddha

    When man made himself God, he made
    woman less than human. ‘ A woman is never
    truly her own master, ’ argued Luther. ‘ God
    formed her body to belong to a man, to have
    and to rear children. ’

    In the grand design of the monotheistic male,
    woman was no more than a machine to make
    babies for him, with neither the need nor
    the right to be anything else:

    ‘ Let them bear children till they die of it. ’
    Luther advised. ‘ That is what they are for. ’ ”

    —Dr Rosalind Miles in Chapter Five
    entitled “ The Sins of the Mothers ”
    of her Women’s History of the World, y2001, p102

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