Elections Have Consequences

I was on an interesting Zoom discussion today with some other Pagans about how introverts and extroverts have handled COVID isolation. There was some thought that, at least for young people, the introverts may have had a more difficult time, because they’re not as skilled at reaching out to other people. People normally reach out to them and they have to navigate how much contact is too much. So figuring out how to reach out for contact was difficult for them.

Today was also the second time I’ve been able to be with my family in the past year. We had brunch on my screen porch and then I took them for the drive through the country that was my only real way to get out of the house for over a year. “See, this is the place with the lambs, and this is the railroad, and these are the cows (we have a silly family joke about cows, out, standing in their fields), and here’s the apple orchard, and . . . .” I can’t tell you how many times I got myself through some difficult hours imagining a meal on the porch with them. It’s wonderful to watch my grandson eat, to pour my daughter in law some wine, to pass the appetizer to my son. It’s wonderful.

My BFF is scheduled to be vaccinated and I’m very much looking forward to seeing her in person. My other dearest friend is waiting patiently for his shot and I’m imagining getting to hop in his truck for some new adventures, to seeing his new home, to just gabbing and gabbing.

I recently attended a small gathering of activists, all of whom were thoroughly vaccinated. It made me a little bit giddy — I’d been literally alone in my house with the cats for over a year. Getting hugged (!), chatting, sharing wine, just being around other energies — it was all glorious and, also, overwhelming. Once I got home, it took me a looooong time to settle down for sleep.

Our grassroots group recently tried to reserve a venue for this Fall and — every place is full. Weddings that have been put off for a year are now being booked. The CDC says vaccinated people can travel and, whoah, people in my neighborhood of retirees are making serious travel plans. All week the neighborhood has been full of people’s grandkids, as schools were out and newly-vaccinated grandparents have been giving overwhelmed parents a few days off.

This is all totally and completely due to the fact that we threw Trump out of office. If you voted, donated, volunteered — thank you.

Picture found here.

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