I’m reading a heavily-blurbed book on dreamwork. Every blurb is written by a man. Come on, it’s 2021. You wouldn’t have a panel of all white people or all men, would you? (Please tell me you would not.)

One habit I started during COVID was to put away the computer around five o’clock, make a cup of tea, and take out a real book. Now that the weather’s nice, I go sit on the porch for this little ritual. I think this is one thing I’ll try and keep doing. Do you have rituals you plan to bring forward?

If you took a break from politics after the election, now’s a good time to begin to get your toes wet again. I suggest picking an area of local politics. Does your town councilperson tweet? Can you name your local attorney general? What do you know about them? Is there a local issue that matters to you? If you live in a very blue area, consider what kind of outreach you can do.

I will die on this hill.

Picture found here.

One response to “Potpourri

  1. AS angering Disgusting.
    This many millennia later.
    = thus: so, so many owners / hosts of other websites and blogs periodically request of their readers recommendations of papers, books and other works said readers have been reading,

    Look at their recommended authors.

    NONE, I wager you, will be works written by women.

    Take my bet. I, sadly / angeringly, will … … win.

    TRUE = for just millennia.

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