The Arc Bends…

This week, Derek Chauvin was convicted of murdering George Floyd.

Let’s be clear. This wasn’t justice.

Justice would be If George Floyd wasn’t murdered for passing a counterfeit $20 he may not have even known was fake. Justice would be if there was no question anyone would EVER be murdered for something so minor and unimportant. Justice would be if Gianna Floyd’s dad could read her a bedtime story tonight, if Philonise Floyd could pick up the phone and call his brother, if Courtney Ross could hug her honey tight, if Darnella Frazier didn’t have to carry the trauma of filming his death with her for the rest of her life.

This was a beginning of accountability.

And because a terrified teenager stood there, facing down the cops and her own fear, to record, for more than nine minutes, Derek Chauvin’s crime, providing undeniable evidence of that crime, we saw a crack in the “blue wall,” the wall of silence that protects those “bad apples” cops like to point at, as if all the cops who see their colleagues engage in lawless brutality and say nothing aren’t culpable.

And so, in the hopeful words of Dr. King, the arc is bent just a little more towards justice. Gianna, you’re right: your daddy did change the world. Now it’s on all of us to continue the work.

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One response to “The Arc Bends…

  1. True. There is so much left to do!

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