Relationship with the Land — Part 4

Blue Ridge Mountains Seen from the Virginia Arboretum

As we approach Beltane, it’s especially appropriate to focus on your relationship with your landbase.

Beltane is really a celebration about the ways in which we and the Earth are one. We start to feel joyful, and creative, and fecund, and we feel like reproducing and like making love because the Earth is. We can see it all around us. We see the trees, and the flowers, and the plants, and the birds, and the bees, and the animals and we become a part of that. We’re not separate from it. We aren’t celebrating those feelings in the middle of winter at Yule. We celebrate them at Beltane because that’s when the Earth is celebrating them. And so Beltane is, to me, a perfect time to commit to having that relationship with the Earth.

And, it’s easy right now. It’s easy to go outside. You don’t need to bundle up in a lot of clothes. You don’t worry (as I do, as an old woman) about slipping on something icy. And, it’s not so hot that you feel miserable if you’re outside. This is the perfect time to sort of start (or recommit to) that relationship and begin building it and then you can figure out ways to sort of try to maintain that relationship when it is ninety degrees outside and 100% humidity or when it is snowy, and slippery, and cold, and windy, and wet.

Do it now; get started on it now. And part of that is just feeling what you feel. Go outside, breathe, ground, feel what you feel and then open up your senses. And even if it feels a little silly at first, say “I’m here, I’m open to you, I’m coming to you with an open heart.” Begin having that relationship and, in time, it stops feeling so silly. It starts to feel more natural and you can start to listen for some messages.

And like anything else, it’s helpful to write down in a journal what you hear. That way, you can go back and look over the course of the year. How many times did you get outside and talk to nature and how many times did nature talk back to you? What did it say?

And, then, finally, I will say involve it in your magic. When you are about to do some magic, call to the Powers, and Spirits, and Beings of your Place. Call to the land. And ask it for some help. Tell it what you’re doing, tell it why, and ask it to work with you in your magic. And then see what happens.

Photo by the blogger. If you copy, please link back.

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