First Weekend of Summer Potpourri

pink crepe myrtle blossoms

I know a lot is going on politically right now, but I just can’t at the moment. So let’s talk about summer!

A few years ago, we installed solar panels on our roof, and the installer maintains a website where you can track all the data about them. Every year, we have two peaks and two valleys. Late spring and early fall, partiuclarly if it’s cool enough that we don’t need to run the A/C, are always fun – lots of sun, so low electric bills. However, this month, for the first time EVER, we generated enough power to have a CREDIT balance with our electric company. That was a pretty good feeling. It’s not going to solve climate change, but I do feel like we’re trying to do our part. What’s something – big or small – that you’re doing to help our Mother?

We’re heading into GREAT local produce season. Our yard is too small for me to be able to grow reasonable quantities of anything edible but herbs (which I definitely do), so we’ve been in and out of CSAs over the years. We were with one for quite awhile until the summer when we got not a SINGLE peach OR tomato. Then we joined another that was year-round and claimed all local produce – then sent us strawberries and zucchini in January. Anyway, when the pandemic hit, I decided it was time to find another one for reasons ranging from supporting a local farmer to concerns about the food supply. And I managed to find a farm that is run by a Black woman (Farmer Gale) whose team is mostly women, too. Not only do I get really great produce from them, I’m also REALLY happy to be able to support people who’ve been historically excluded from being able to make a good living farming. This spring, I’ve learned how to cook nettles thanks to Farmer Gale, and I’m REALLY looking forward to the arrival of my peak of summer faves: eggplant, corn, peaches, tomatoes. What seasonal produce can you not WAIT to eat?

When thinking about food & mine & my spouse’s relationship to it, I tend to think of us as food hobbyists more than foodies. To me, a “foodie” is someone who seeks out amazing restaurant experiences – and we do do some of that – but doesn’t necessarily get into a lot of from-scratch cooking. One of the things my spouse got really interested in last summer was making homemade ice cream, although he hasn’t been totally happy with the product so far (he is judging against Talenti, to be fair, so that’s a pretty high standard). I found him some additional source material, so I’m looking forward to more experiments this summer. What summer treats are tops on your list?

We’re also starting to think in terms of travel again. We had several trips planned for 2020 that got canceled or postponed. We know we’ll be heading to Hawaii in 2022, but we’re starting to look into seeing if we can resurrect some of the other trips in late summer or fall. We had planned to visit Northern California wine country. We have some dear friends who rent a place in Maine for the month of August and love to host – and both our families are between here and there, so we get a two-fer. And, for the first time in 20 years, we didn’t make it to New Orleans last year. So those are all pretty high on the list. Where are you going to go first, now that folks are starting to be able to travel further than the grocery store again?

I don’t know who needs to hear this, but if someone announces on social media that they’re doing something trivial you don’t like – putting butter on their rice (or not), showering too frequently (or not frequently enough, or in a way that’s different than what you do), using a condiment that you think is strange or doesn’t go with that particular food, cooking food differently than you do, wearing something you don’t like – you CAN just let it go. It doesn’t have to become a huge thing. Jesus people, mind your business.

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