Mini Meadows

If you’re a fan of BBC‘s Monty Don, you know that meadow gardening is all the rage right now in the UK. Setting aside even a part of your garden for native wildflowers and grasses has become quite the horticultural trend. It’s good for the pollinators and wildlife. It requires almost no watering and nearly no mowing. And it’s gorgeous. I’ve always loved meadows. There’s just something about their wild abandon and the way they play with the wind that makes them endlessly fascinating to me.

My local museum has a large parking lot and there are squares between the various rows. These used to be planted in lawn grass and mown regularly. Yesterday, I was delighted to see that they’ve turned these spots into mini meadows which work together to create a sum greater than its parts. Here are a few pictures I took, but they don’t do it justice.

(BTW: taking over a local strip between parking lots or a similar plot and turning it into a mini meadow would be a great project to do with your kids or as a Litha celebration for a coven.)

Pictures by the blogger; if you copy, please link back.

4 responses to “Mini Meadows

  1. Lovely. Thank you – finding pleasure in your mini-meadows.

  2. Here in the UK more and more local councils are leaving verges etc. “wild” It is lovely to drive along urban roads and see wild flowers flourishing. Not all councils have caught on to this yet but local activists campaign hard and I hope that we see more and more of it.

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