Take The Credit

Just yesterday, lots of parents across the US woke up to some great news: up to $300 a month PER KID showing up in their bank accounts, courtesy of the Biden/Harris agenda and the Democratic party. This money is “fully refundable,” which means even if you don’t owe any federal taxes normally, you’ll still get it.

It is the most significant anti-poverty program since the New Deal. It will cut the child poverty rate in HALF.

Some truly historic things have happened in the past almost six months since Joe Biden and Kamala Harris were inaugurated:

  • 336 million vaccine shots administered
  • 160 million Americans fully vaccinated
  • $1400 stimulus checks in 160 million pockets
  • Adding $7.2 billion to the Paycheck Protection Plan, with a focus on assisting small businesses
  • 15 of 19 federal judiciary appointments are WOMEN (11 of them women of color), a historic ratio
  • Rejoining the UN Human Rights Council, the World Health Organization, and the Paris Climate Accord
  • Revoking the global gag rule
  • FINALLY ending the forever war in Afghanistan

And we are [this] close to a $3 trillion investment in critical infrastructure improvements and repairs (it is FINALLY Infrastructure Week, y’all!) and a $3.5 trillion investment in social safety net and climate change programs. There’s a LOT more, too.

Dems, MAKE SURE YOU TAKE THE CREDIT. We are, historically, very very bad at this. I blame the fact that the base of the party is women, who are also bad at taking credit and bragging on ourselves.

And then we get to election season, assuming voters will calmly and rationally do their research and examine the candidates’ and parties’ records, and Republican jackasses claim credit for stuff they voted against, and nobody calls them on it, and they get re-elected, and we all scratch our heads in puzzlement.


They’re Biden Bucks. They’re Momala Baby Bucks. Dems saved democracy and the economy and thousands of lives ENTIRELY on their own, while the Republicans were busy vying for spots on Fox “News” to whine about phony culture war bullshit or spew anti-vaxxer insanity and claiming that the January 6 thugs were just “normal tourists” visiting their Members of Congress.


Image from GQ Grandpa Joe Biden’s White House.

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