Unconscious Sexism Has Real-World Results

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Both times that Hillary Clinton sought the Democratic nomination, it was pretty common for Bright Young Things to announce “I don’t vote with my vagina!” Like John Roberts on race, they had decided that we lived in a post-sexist society and, nope, being a woman didn’t mean that they were going to vote for that woman. They weren’t worried about the Supreme Court, either. Come on, Roe v. Wade had been the law of the land for a long time — well, for THEIR whole lives, anyway, and it was just fear-mongering (in fact, the word “blackmail” got used) to think the Court would overturn Roe.

If that was you, go stand in front of a mirror and pat your sweet young self on the back. Good job. Might want to stay out of Texas (and soon a large number of other states), though, because, in Texas, your vagina now votes you.

Also, they are coming for your birth control. If you do not plan to have any or more children, get sterilized now. Stock up on Plan B and condoms and store them carefully. Delete the period app from your phone.

And start voting with your vagina.

One response to “Unconscious Sexism Has Real-World Results

  1. amen.

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