As we slip slowly towards Mabon, I want to encourage you to find some time to go out and sit with the land. If you can sit on an actual rock or some dirt, that’s best, but you know what’s doable for you. A park bench is fine. A front porch stoop is OK. Doing it now beats a grand plan to get away for a whole weekend to an out-of-the-way spot you’ll never really have time to get to.

If you can, maybe come carrying an offering. You’re a priestess (or priest) and it makes sense for you to carry offerings to the land. Some water that’s been sat in the moonlight is wonderful, as is compost you’ve made from scraps, or some cornmeal, or a perfect squash from your garden. But so is water that you ran from the tap, or birdseed, or a beautiful leaf you found.

Spend some time considering how it’s now dark when you get up, dark when you go to sleep. Listen to the Canada Geese in the morning. Watch the wildfire-enhanced sunsets even from the East Coast. There is beauty in destruction and destruction in beauty. We’re here to help midwife the planet’s transition and all deliveries involve some glory and some pain.

It’s all too much, right now, with a plague scouring the land and the plague’s priests shoveling living offerings to Patriarchy while they demand that we “honor life.” It’s all always too much. As I say every morning in my meditations, “It’s all real. It’s all metaphor. There’s always more.” *

But for today, just for now, find some time to go sit out with the land.

*I have been saying this so long, that I forget where I originally read it.

Photo by the blogger; if you copy, please link back.

2 responses to “Mabon

  1. Reblogged this on silverapplequeen and commented:
    I couldn’t agree more.

  2. Perfect timing – I made myself a poppet over the weekend, and she’s all about the land and binding myself to it. Now I know why! Thank you ❤️

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