What IS “Build Back Better”?

We keep hearing about how the general populace’s support for the Biden/Harris administration’s Build Back Better agenda is weak, uncertain, below 50%, how this-that-or-the-other voting block (Black folks, women, young people) are disappointed, GQ Grandpa Joe’s poll numbers are going down, etc., etc., etc. horse race bullshit.

What we’re NOT hearing is what’s IN the Build Back Better plan.

Looks like the media isn’t planning to, you know, COVER that, so it’s on us to get the word out.

So what’s in it?

  • More than 4 million children lifted out of poverty due to the child tax credit
  • Universal pre-K
  • Increased federal funding for school modernization
  • Child care stipends that will save the average family nearly $15,000 a year
  • Free community college
  • Plans to cut carbon emissions by 45% via modernizing the electrical grid and increased investments in renewable energy, plus financial incentives to switch to electric vehicles
  • Relatedly, more than 700,000 new, good-paying, union jobs in the clean energy sector
  • Medicaid expansion that will cover 2.2 million more people
  • Reasonably priced options under the Affordable Care Act that will save enrollees $600 a year per person
  • Expanding Medicare to cover vision, dental, and hearing
  • Lowering prescription drug costs by allowing Medicare to negotiate prices
  • Capping out of pocket expenses for prescriptions for seniors at $2000 a year
  • Expanding support for home care so more seniors can age in place
  • FINALLY getting MANDATORY FEDERAL paid sick, family, and medical leave (12 weeks a year)

Most importantly, how are they going to pay for all this awesomeness?

  • Getting corporations to pay their fair share.
  • Getting rich people to pay their fare share.

That’s it. Make less than $400K a year? Your taxes won’t go up – and in fact, with all the items detailed above, you’re very likely to see MORE money in your pocket every year, whether it’s from the family-friendly policies, reduction in your health care costs, or earning a degree or certification that leads to a career FOR FREE.

(Now before folks go all: “But Mrs Whatsit! $400K a year is not rich!”, let me just point out that Spouse & I make about half that, live in one of the highest cost of living areas of the country, pay fairly high state & local taxes, and are doing just fine.  “$400K a year is not rich!” my sweet round ass.)

ALL of these things are INCREDIBLY POPULAR, once people know about them. So you know what to do: SPREAD THE WORD!

Hat tip to @tify330 for doing the work to compile all this information.

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