Starting Now

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Do you vote in primaries? You should. I’ve been reminded this week just how many people simply don’t.

I’ve been phonebanking and, due to the weird way Virginia registers voters, the list of “likely Dem” voters comes from people who vote in Democratic primaries. (I assume it’s the same for the Republicans, but I don’t, you know, ever phone bank for them.) The phone banking program gives you a name, phone number, sex, and age of the person. To say the list skews not just “not young” but to “genuinely old” is no understatement.

Look, democracy can be a hassle and I don’t expect everyone to take politics as seriously as I do. But you have to vote.

Every time.

4 responses to “Starting Now

  1. kathleenacurran

    yes. I couldn’t agree more.

  2. I don’t know how it works in VA, but in NY, you have to be registered in the party to vote in the primary. So if you’re not a Dem or GOP, forget about voting in ANY primary.

  3. Oklahoma allows Independents to vote in the Democratic primaries; the GOP chose not to allow it for their primaries.

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