Almost Samhein Potpourri

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We’re just a few days away from elections in Virginia and I’m working flat-out to try and keep Virginia blue. Meanwhile, the trees on the Blue Ridge mountains have started turning in earnest and Samhein is even closer than the election.

SCOTUS is going to take down Roe. The only question is whether they’ll outlaw abortion all together or (my guess) leave it up to the states. After the fascists get abortion, they are coming for your birth control, your gay marriage, your health care, etc. So, as I’ve said over and over, if you don’t plan to have any children or any more children, get sterilized. Now. If you’re planning to have children some day or to have more children, then buy condoms and Plan B and store them somewhere hidden and according to the storage directions. If you’ve been planning to marry your LGBTQ partner, do it now because there’s a chance they will leave existing marriages intact and only outlaw new ones. Get all the health care you can get now (trip to dentist, new glasses, that nagging problem with your back, etc.) Once they’re beating on your door, it will all be too late.

Meanwhile, there’s lots of good writing going on.

Jason Miller explores an important Samhein question: What If Your Ancestors Were Horrid? One of his points is that:

Acknowledging And Honoring Are Different

You can’t erase your ancestors, but that doesn’t mean you have to embrace them. You should acknowledge who they were but acknowledging and honoring are different. You can call your ancestors to the circle, you can even make an offering to them, without in any way honoring them as good, noble, or worthy of emulating. The first step in rejecting something is knowing what it is you are rejecting.

Some ancestors . . . show up at offerings and I ask them for advice and connection. Others I say “take this offering and shut the fuck up. I don’t want to hear from you”.  Remember, offerings are not only for spirits you like. Paying off spirits that cause harm or that you don’t want around is a time-honored tradition.

Do you agree? The essay is worth a read.

Find out more about Appalachian Folk Magic.

It’s soup season. What are you cooking?

Are we really still debating this? OF COURSE they are!

4 responses to “Almost Samhein Potpourri

  1. My roommate is at the counter mixing together a meatloaf, though she said there must have been a run on ground beef, due to the empty shelves.

    I hear what you say about acknowledging an ancestor as opposed to honoring them; I am a descendant of slave owners. While they may have been considered honorable men and women during their lifetimes, I have to acknowledge that they were racists, human traffickers, rapists, and child abusers (if not pedophiles).

  2. in full agreement. Heritage is the way you cook beans and rice. Not how well you hurt others.

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