Monday at the Movies

They never really understand the Witches.

4 responses to “Monday at the Movies

  1. Do you recommend this film? I haven’t read the books. It seems like people who have read them, like the movie. Am I remembering right – I think there was another Dune movie a long time ago, which was fairly terrible? Is this one significantly better? I find the trailer intriguing, but then, that’s how trailers are.

    • It’s entertaining. 🙂 … watch it for the spectacle, in a theater if you can, bit a big screen TV/monitor ought to do the trick.

    • The first movie with Kyle Maclachlan was a campy hot mess. The TV miniseries that came later was okay as to story line, but clearly didn’t have the budget for high quality special effects. The trailer and reviews I’ve read give me hope for this one. Planning on going this weekend.

    • It’s worth watching. I’ve read the books a number of times and I just don’t think the movies get the Benne Gesserit right. I may write about it later this week.

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